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Choosing your Brazilian BBQ Grill: -

   Thing s to have in mind to find out which model fits your lifestyle or business needs.

Who doesn't dream of a year-round barbecue area? An indoor or outdoor space with the possibility of gathering family and friends around good food? 

    The grill is usually the highlight of such projects due to its versatility. In addition to barbecue, it is widely used in the preparation of other conventional dishes that make up healthier menus. 

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New Kitchen Design Trends: How does a Cooktop Grill fit in? -

Households have been forced to reconsider how they spend their time at home as a result of the pandemic. Consequently, there has been a change in interior design preferences. This is particularly noticeable in the places where people spend the most of their time, such as the home office, living room, kitchen, and bedroom. Such preferences praise for adding convenience, functionality, and comfort to the spaces. When it comes to the kitchen, it means the appliances are included in the planning, which aims to create storage space for everything. And here’s where we come in.  We have revolutionized the concept...

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Scheer USA is Now Zafill -

Our team is entering a new era by implementing a brand refresh and would like to re-introduce ourselves under the new name: Zafill. Over a decade in the market carrying the name Scheer USA Distribution, it was time for a change to reflect the growth of the company, our line of products and the new partnerships we built over 15 years delivering kitchenware and BBQ machines to customers across the US.

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