Artificial Intelligence makes perfect barbecue possible by remote control


Artificial Intelligence makes perfect barbecue possible by remote control

    The world's largest manufacturer of professional barbecue grills has added artificial intelligence and the most modern concepts of information technology to its equipment. Such innovation will allow unprecedented temperature control and precision in the pattern of cuts, saving time, raw material and human labor.

     What you will find in this article:

● Examples of current restaurant tech trends
● What is Firetech and how such innovation helps restaurants deliver faster, more accurate service
● How does Firetech System work
● Advantages of Firetech and why will your business benefit from it.
● How can Firetech technology reduce employee turnover

 Restaurant guests have changed what they eat, how they eat, and where they eat it. They want their food fast and don’t want to wait long. They want the option for delivery, takeout, or dining in the restaurant. And they want their food to meet all of their dietary restrictions while living up to expectations and taste preferences.

  Restaurant businesses are thus increasingly adopting technology in order to be more efficient and meet the constantly changing preferences of guests.

  Much is talked about the front-end technologies for such businesses. But more than improving customer experience, it is equally important to improve the back-end operations, in other words, the heart of the restaurant.

  The time taken to prepare the food, inventory, menu, hygiene, waste generation and management. These are some of the operations that no customer sees but play a huge part in keeping the restaurant well functioning.

Examples of Restaurant Tech Trends

 Some current restaurant technologies include:

  •  Mobile apps for ordering and reservations.
  • Employee apps for real-time, internal communication.
  • In-house, self-service kiosks for ordering and paying.
  • Kitchen display systems for accurate and efficient meal processing and delivery.
  • IoT in restaurants: think stoves that can send messages to alert staff of a maintenance issue or technical malfunction.

How will Zafill’s tech innovation help restaurants deliver faster, more accurate service?

    Zafill promises to revolutionize the grill industry with an outstanding solution brought to the USA market with its partner Scheer Churrasqueiras, the world’s largest manufacturer of professional barbecue grills and which holds a series of innovation patents.

    The FIRETECH system is a milestone for steakhouses and restaurants that work with grills. With the application of the most modern concepts of information technology to its equipment, the industry has developed a software that will contribute to a complete temperature control, improving processes, saving time, raw material and human labor. In addition, it will bring precision in the standardization and quality of the meats. All this in the palm of your hand, controlled and visualized through a monitor named FIREPAD.

      Through sensors, the FIRETECH system controls the grill grate’s distance from the fire, setting a temperature standard according to the preparation pattern for each meat and cut. This leads to an optimized coal consumption, predictability of the need for equipment maintenance, and also a more flexible human labor. The full control of the process guarantees a standard from the moment of lighting the fire up to serving the meat at the table, just as desired by the customer.

    The FIRETECH system required a year and a half of research and development. Temperature control has always been a major challenge in charcoal or wood-fired grills because it is inconsistent. It has always been. Kitchen professionals have always been responsible for determining the right time to refuel the equipment, to pull the embers under the meat, among other measures that depend on skilled labor. Such decisions are not always accurate, especially if there is a shortage of specialized professionals.

      FIRETECH records patterns and generates predictability without the need for human intervention. The entire process can be followed through analysis and comparison reports. It connects the internal and external operation of a business, besides being a powerful tool for larger restaurants operating in chains.

        Zafill had the opportunity to present the Firetech technology to the world at the 101st National Restaurant Association Show, the largest foodservice fair in the West, which took place in Chicago in the month of May. The company's exhibitors report that they received the visit of some of the best chefs around the world, who were unanimous in approving the innovation and praising the possibility of standardizing criteria and parameters.

How does the FIRETECH system work?

  • It uses IoT devices, bringing the concept of the 'internet of things' to the universe of gastronomy.
  • Its smart sensors, connected to the grates, allow automatic height adjustment.
  • It has 3 temperature controls.
  • The FIREPAD’s friendly interface allows an easy operation and data interpretation, thus bringing control of the entire process to the palm of your hand.
  • Control Panel with Touchscreen.
  • Recording of optimal use of memory generates predictability, without the need for human intervention during the process.
  • Smart dashboard facilitates data gathering during operation.
  • Generation of reports for analysis and comparison between various business units.


10 Advantages of the FIRETECH System

  1. Standardizes the processes, from the moment of lighting the fire up to serving the meat at the table.
  2. Controls the speed of the entire process.
  3. Improves accuracy of routine tasks.
  4. Monitors, in real time, all equipment and its devices.
  5. Gathers and stores data.
  6. Alerts and anticipates the need for maintenance.
  7. Prevents coal wastage.
  8. Reduces human interaction, freeing up labor for other tasks.
  9. Saves time and money.
  10. Connects the restaurant's internal and external operation.

Improving Employee Retention

       More than improving the internal process and delivering the best results to the final customer, Firetech may create a competitive advantage with employees by improving their working experience as well, thus reducing the possibility of turnover. This can directly impact customer experience by encountering employees more and more familiar with the menu and the environment.

      By improving kitchen processes and creating food prep standards, Firetech can, therefore, reduce stress in the fast-paced environment, making it easier for employees to do their jobs. It can also serve as a support for the employees who are going through onboarding and training, improving job satisfaction, engagement, and retention.

      With Firetech, you will be able to control, connect and get hold of the entire process within your business, which allows your team to focus on human skills and you to focus on your customer.

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