Have you ever eaten in a Brazilian steakhouse? Simply delicious! Those cuts of skewered meat (known in Brazil as churrasco) are cooked in a rotisserie style BBQ machine, or churrasqueiras. How about having those flavors from the comfort of your home? With our Brazilian made BBQ rotisseries and grills, you can make unique dishes and open your kitchen to new experiences, unforgettable meals and happy friends and family! 

   Leading steakhouses in the US carry our BBQ machines and we are proud to be known for supplying the top industrial churrasqueiras with an unwavering commitment to quality and customer service. Throughout the years, we’ve continuously seen interest from home-owners to acquire a top-of-line BBQ machine for their gourmet space or kitchen, so we are working towards a future where more home kitchens in the US can be delighted with original food preparation methods and the unique fusion of Brazilian and American barbecue. 

  Our rotisseries, grills and parrillas can be manufactured and tailored according to your kitchen or gourmet space. Check out all the models, accessories and product lines we offer below:

 Residential BBQ

  Our best-of-breed barbecue machines from Scheer Churrasqueiras was a variety of models to satisfy any client. We offers machines by charcoal and gas fuel. Our models offers rotisseries and  parrillas that can be tailor for your needs. Our models include Residential Gas, Charcoal Rotisseries, Parrillas and Outdoors.


Our Gastronomic White Line of Porcelain is durable and encompasses a variety of models, designs, and sizes. With over 1,000 articles in our line, from plates, tea and coffee service to ramekins, this presents endless possibilities to customers looking for clean and elegant porcelain dishware. We also offer a complete line of silverware, including steak knives. All tableware products are available for customization!

 Wood Products

Our wood products are made of Teak and Lyptus and are simply beautiful. We offer a wide range of items, including appetizer sets, bowls, coolers and cutting boards. This line is also available for customization.