In the hospitality business, you want to bring your guests the most joyful, unique experiences. What can be more unique than serving dishes prepared in the very best BBQ rotisseries and grills manufactured in Brazil by churrasco experts? Brazilian Steakhouses in more than 80 countries use our machines to delight their guests with delicious cuts of meat and vegetables. With the partnership of industry leader Scheer Churrasqueiras, we bridge the gap between your kitchen and churrasqueiras, rotisseries, parrillas, and grills powered by charcoal or gas.

    Our team is well experienced in filling the supply chain for hotels and their kitchen needs so don’t hesitate in reaching out directly via  to learn more. Take a look at the product lines we offer to hotels, resorts and restaurants:

  Professional Barbecue Machines 

      Our best-of-breed barbecue machines from Scheer Churrasqueiras was a variety of models to satisfy any client. We offers machines by charcoal and gas fuel. Our models offers rotisseries and  parrillas that can be tailor for your needs. Our models include Industrial gas, Charcoal Super, Parrillas and Catering Grills.

  • Industrial Gas:  Gas barbecue with high quality stainless steel finishing, equipped with infrared burners on top that cook and grill meat with quality. The barbecue IG has a water tank on the bottom that collects fat and grease avoiding smoke creation.  It has two different grill options which can be a removable Side Lifter grill and/or a fixed grill module on any side, the grill height adjustment is automatic for a better heating intensity control.

  • Charcoal Super: Our Super Charcoal Model offer options for small, medium and large restaurants. These BBQ machine leaves our company ready to be used. The Super 800, 500 and 400 models are a modulated unit, it can be assembled according the restaurants really needs. The restaurant can choose a rotisserie system module, fire lighter module or Lift Grill module which is a parrilla with automatic up down.

  • Parrillas :This equipment can be manufactured according to customer size to attend large, small  and medium-sized restaurants, by having a traditional rustic style of a Parrilla porteña it is ideal for restaurants that breathe the tradition of Grilling. Client can design its own equipment by having independent grilling modules all together. 

  • Catering Grills: How about taking the barbecue to where the customers are? Or how about promoting your business elsewhere, in an outside area? With Scheer's Catering BBQ machine you can! It has a large wheels that facilitates the movement .


   Our Gastronomic White Line of Porcelain is durable and encompasses a variety of models, designs, and sizes. With over 1,000 articles in our line, from plates, tea and coffee service to ramekins, this presents endless possibilities to customers looking for clean and elegant porcelain dishware. We also offer a complete line of silverware, including steak knives. All tableware products are available for customization, in which we personalize each item with your company’s logo. 

 Wood Products

     Our wood products are made of Teak and Lyptus and are simply beautiful. We offer a wide range of items, including appetizer sets, bowls, coolers and cutting boards. This line is also available for customization, in which we personalize each item with your company’s logo. 

 Gaucho Uniforms

    Most Brazilian Steakhouses want to offer their customers a little bit of wonder, history and tradition. That’s why we offer gaucho uniforms, including: boots, pants, belts, scarfs and more.