Offering the best porcelain china, wood kitchenware, barbecuing machines and accessories is not enough! That's why we are bring you: customization!

     Want your restaurant's porcelain dishes to have your logo? Or what to put the family's name in your new BBQ grill? How about gifting a loved one with a personalized chopping block? That's all possible with our new feature! Visit our website , select your product and then apply the customization. Effortlessly, open YOUR  kitchen!

Steak Knife Sets

   We partner with Tramontina and other manufacturers to bring you high-quality, unique knife sets that can make for a wonderful gift for your father or friend. Or why not treat yourself to one of these customizable sets?

 Wood Products

Our wood products are made of Teak and Lyptus and are simply beautiful. We offer a wide range of items, including appetizer sets, bowls, coolers and cutting boards that can all be customized to include a logo, name or message. A personalized item makes for an intimate, memorable gift for weddings, birthdays, showers and holidays!