New Kitchen Design Trends: How does a Cooktop Grill fit in?

New Kitchen Design Trends: How does a Cooktop Grill fit in? -

New Kitchen Design Trends: How does a Cooktop Grill fit in?

Households have been forced to reconsider how they spend their time at home as a result of the pandemic. Consequently, there has been a change in interior design preferences. This is particularly noticeable in the places where people spend the most of their time, such as the home office, living room, kitchen, and bedroom.

Such preferences praise for adding convenience, functionality, and comfort to the spaces. When it comes to the kitchen, it means the appliances are included in the planning, which aims to create storage space for everything.

And here’s where we come in. 

We have revolutionized the concept of manufacturing, installing and integrating the residential barbecue machines into home spaces. The Scheer’s Cooktop System is included in all our residential grills, and it is ideal for the current design trends. 

Speaking of using the equipment, the possibilities are endless and also fit into the BBQ trends - according to the settings you choose, you have several grid options for the parrilla system and a whole new variety of meats and sides to be grilled with the rotisserie system. Lately, international barbecue styles have sparked the interest of meat lovers, as well as of the vegan/vegetarian community!

Sounds interesting? So keep reading to know how our technology works and how beneficial it could be to your future experiences.

How does the Cooktop System work in barbecue grills?

 It contains a firebox in the bottom of the grill. The box is filled with refractory bricks that create a thermal insulation responsible for optimizing the use of charcoal and speeding up the heating process. Moreover, the firebox protects the furniture against high temperatures, allowing it to be used for storage at the same time.

Who is the Cooktop Grill made for?

 This system is perfect for those who intend to fit the grill to their custom furniture, or to attach it into any kitchen counter.

 How to Install a Cooktop Grill?

  It’s easy: first, you plan your custom furniture or kitchen counter with the recommended measurements by Zafill. Then, you attach the equipment into place and screw the ends onto the counter.

Here are 7 benefits or including a Cooktop Grill in your next project or renovation:

1. No need for masonry construction

The use of masonry is a common concern among our customers when buying their first Brazilian barbecue. Following the concept of home appliance, our Cooktop Grill does not require masonry work during installation. It is inserted into a custom furniture or as an extension of countertops, just like any other cooktop.

2. More space for accessories

Integrated with custom cabinets, The Cooktop frees up space for drawers and niches, where barbecue utensils can be accommodated in a practical and functional way.

3. Fire Box

The Cooktop Grill comes ready to use. The thermal insulation material inside the Firebox is the same used in famous steakhouses. It controls the temperatures and prevents heat leakage, protecting the furniture and optimizing the cooking experience. 

4. It integrates the decoration

Beauty is another highlight of the Cooktop Grill. Finished in brushed stainless steel, it suits the most sophisticated interior design projects. It is the set of gas and charcoal domestic barbecue grills that best suit the latest trends in contemporary architecture - the concept of kitchens, balconies and gourmet spaces integrated into living spaces.

5. Rotating Skewers

In its most classic version, the Cooktop comes equipped with an automatic system of rotating skewers, adapting the same process of steakhouses to the home environment.

 6. Parrilla Cooktop

For those who prefer a grill over the rotisserie system, we offer another solution: the Lift Grill. The automated grate lifting system helps to control the heat on the food. 

7. Practical and Multifunctional

Both the Lift Grill and the rotisserie systems are automatic and activated by a simple button powered by electricity, with low consumption. There are several options of sizes and settings. If you like both grilling styles, you can order a barbecue that combines both systems in a single piece of equipment. 

 Visit our website or get in touch with our team to find the perfect Cooktop model for you!

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