Choosing your Brazilian BBQ Grill:

Choosing your Brazilian BBQ Grill: -

Choosing your Brazilian BBQ Grill:

   Thing s to have in mind to find out which model fits your lifestyle or business needs.

   Who doesn't dream of a year-round barbecue area? An indoor or outdoor space with the possibility of gathering family and friends around good food? 

    The grill is usually the highlight of such projects due to its versatility. In addition to barbecue, it is widely used in the preparation of other conventional dishes that make up healthier menus. 

Brazilian rotisserie grill for home or restaurant.

Brazilian steakhouses are increasingly conquering the taste of Americans, which reflects the increase in demand for barbecue models for their homes. However, many do not know how a Brazilian barbecue works, how to install and maintain it, which becomes a barrier to the purchase of this product.

With over 40 years of expertise in Brazilian barbecue grill equipment, our residential line reproduces the same quality and excellence of the professional grills that we distribute to the best steakhouses and restaurants in America and around the world. 

First thing we want you to know is that masonry work is not mandatory for assembling your Brazilian grill. Second, we have several models that serve multiple grilling styles. Therefore, instead of worrying about giving up on your traditions, you can feel happy as you will maintain them while welcoming new experiences to your kitchen.

So, how to choose the best option for your space and needs? 

Here we have put together 10 tips to guide you to find out which is the best model for your home barbecue area or restaurant makeover project:

      1. Attention to the project details.

     Keep in mind the support on which the installation will be made (counter top or masonry), the space and area measurements.

      2. Choose the grill model before starting the work.

We provide all the instructions so that the desired space is proper to receive the grill of your choice, and so to avoid unexpected issues. You can also opt for our portable grill models, such as the Porteña Parrilla - ideal for outdoor areas, poolside, among other spaces.

       3. What is your favorite BBQ style?

Rotisserie, grill, or both? Coal, firewood or gas? How many people normally eat at your place? This information helps choosing the ideal equipment.

      4. Evaluate the grill options.

Our models vary between rotisserie and grill systems, but you can also combine both styles in a single equipment! It is possible to choose manual or automatic systems, in addition to the heat source (coal, wood or gas).

     5. Grill Grates

The “V” shape grates conduct the meat sauces into a tray, resulting in a more tender meat. This option also prevents inappropriate flames over the cuts, which can cause accidents or burn the meat. We also supply round grates.

     6. Lift Grill

Some of our models count with the “Lift Grill”: our exclusive, patented system of automated grate elevation.

    7. Manual Wheels

Parrila Mendoza 902

We supply a few grills with manual wheels for a precise control of the grate’s height. Such a feature is a worldwide trend, popular among steakhouses. Advantage: The precise height control of the grill racks also makes it possible to control the heat intensity under the meat.

     8. Cooktop Grill or Rotisserie for Custom Furniture

The Cooktop BBQ is another innovative product that fits into custom spaces in a practical way, for an elegant, modern result. See some of the benefits below:

 – The fire lighter box made of refractory bricks makes the Cooktop BBQ ready for use;

– Its thermal insulation system protects the furniture;

– Spares masonry construction;

– Allows for extra space in custom drawers and cabinets, where you can place barbecue and other kitchen utensils.

     9. Fire Lighter Box:

A few cautions with firewood to have in mind:

  • Burning firewood generates a higher concentration of heat than coal.
  • The fire must be done next to the grill - excessive heat can damage the stainless steel look, as well as the wiring of the automated models.
  • Only pull the glowing embers under the equipment when roasting meats.

 Our Fire Lighter Box allows an isolated burning of coal or firewood. It also prevents undesired smoke onto the cuts.

     10. Accessories:

  • You can upgrade your equipment with a range of accessories; 
  • Each type of meat cut has a skewer and a specific grill that optimizes its preparation;
  • Our accessories add value to your experience and make your space look like a real steakhouse.

 Whether you are looking to improve your business or to open your kitchen to new experiences at home, our team will gladly assist you through the purchasing process of your Brazilian grill. 

So, don’t hesitate to visit our website to learn more about our products and to reach out our consultants for assistance:

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