V Shaped Grill

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V Shaped Grill Scheer. The Grill in "V" shape, or Argentinean V style grill has a front tray to collect the fat that drips from the meat, the Grease collector avoid the fat dripping which creates flames that can burn the meat on the grill area. Easy to clean and operates, this grill is the go when grilling thick pieces of steak.


  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Type: V-Shape
  • Handle: Coated Aluminum Handle
  • Grill width: 12" (30 cm) GRIL-S1084  or 19 3/4"(49.5cm) GRIL-S1093
  • Grill length: 21" (53 cm)
  • Overall grill length w/ handle: 28 5/8" (72.5 cm)
  • Detail: Removable Grease Tray
  • Total weight: 9 lbs and 16 lbs