Scheeroscopio BBQ

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    Inspired by the gyroscope, an instrument created to explain physics theories, the SCHEEROSCOPIO delivers design and an unprecedented method for preparing barbecue, which is roasted in continuous circular movements.  As the meat rotates, it does not drip and is rehydrated. SCHEEROSCOPIO promises even more succulent barbecues.

  • Cooks 3-4 ribs in 6/7 hours;
  • Roast ribs or traditional barbecue;
  • Super easy to use, add meat and remove;
  • Every part of the ribs is uniformly done;
  • You don't need to keep turning the ribs, just feeding and controlling the fire;
  • It has a lid for the fire area;
  • It cannot be exposed to the weather;
  • Need 110V or 220V electrical point.
Wide Depth Base Height Total Height Cut Sheet
59 7/16 " 59 7/16 " 19 15/16" 87 3/8" Cut Sheet Parrilla 673
79 1/8" 79 1/8" 19 15/16“ 107 1/16" Cut Sheet Parrilla 673