Round Serving Board with Cast Iron Pan

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    It is made of cast iron, which can be subjected to high temperatures and does not scratch. With a wooden base, which facilitates the handling and distances the hot iron from the surfaces. It is a great piece both for serving warm meals in special occasions for your family either for presenting dishes in restaurants.


    • Code: Small - STLI-ORIG-10056-TK002
      • Dimensions: Round 10 3/4" (275mm) / H 2 7/8" (73mm) 
      • Weight:  6 lbs 
    • Code: Large - STLI-ORIG-10055-TK002
      • Dimensions: Round 13 1/2" (345mm) / H 3 1/2" (85mm) 
      • Weight:  9.7 lbs
    • Material: Teka Tan certified wood
    • Manufacturer: Origin® Wood Brazil

Product Care: Clean by washing with mild dish soap and a soft sponge. Leave the surface dry when finished. Do not allow prolonged contact with water. Do not clean using boiling water or expose the wood product to the freezer.