Parrilla Mendoza 903

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      Parrilla Mendoza 903, with front wheel for manual control of the height of the grill. Classic and modern model that allows you to choose the grill according to your barbecue style. The available options are: V-Grill with fat collector or Round Grill (Uruguayan style of roast). In addition, the model has a fire lighter that allows the use of charcoal or firewood. Produced in stainless steel with steering wheel with anti-reverse technology. It will always be opposite the fire lighter.


Firepit is an ideal accessorie for accommodating parrilla on a countertop. Made of stainless steel with refractory bricks and thermal insulation. It has a front door to make it easier to handle the coals safely.

  Information Table 

Model Width Depth Heigth Weigth Cut Sheet Draw
parrilla + firebox + parrilla
23.03" + 15.74" + 23.03"
61.81" 24.07" 34.56" 302 lb
parrilla + firebox + parrilla
30.90" + 15.74" + 30.90"
77.55" 24.07" 34.56" 357 lb