Gas Grill LV 660

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    Professional Barbecue LV 660 Scheer. The LV 660 is a gas barbecue equipped with Lava Rocks which intensify the heating resulting in a better quality on grilling, this equipment is great for small and medium size restaurants specialized in grilling steaks, burgers and seafood. The barbecue has two gas valves that control the barbecue burners in two parts, activating the barbecue in 50 or 100% capacity. The open sides and back without enclosure is designed to be installed in local where clients can see the Grill.  LV 660 is featured with an automatic lifting system Grill, the Grill height adjustment allows the Grill to control heating intensity. The various grill options are removable to facilitate operation and also making it easier for cleaning purposes.

 Information Table 

Length Width Height Catalog Cut Sheet
31 1/2" 33 15/32" 48 1/4" Catalog Super 800 Cut Sheer Super 800
39 3/8"
47 1/4"
59 1/16"
70 7/8"
78 3/4"
86 5/8"
98 7/16"


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