Five Prongs Skewer Cast Iron Roller Aluminum Handle

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Scheer 5 prongs Skewer. Designed to roast chicken heats, vegetables, little piece of meat on the 4 round bars around the central medium blade. Leaving more space on the barbecue for standard skewers.


  • Central Stainless Steel Blade 1.60 mm thickness, 5/8" wide
  • Round Stainless Steel Fork 1/4" diameter, Cast Iron Roller, Coated Aluminum Handle
  • Rotary Length: 19.1/2" from tip to middle of the roller
  • Fork Width: 3.9/16"
  • Fork Length: 15.3/8"
  • Total Length: 28.3/8"
  • Code: SKCA-S1009-RZCA