Extension for Automatic Spinning Skewer

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  Unlock new dimensions of versatility for your BBQ setup with the Espetosul Spinning Skewer Extension. Designed for those larger-than-life grilling occasions, this extension seamlessly integrates with your existing spinning skewer, allowing you to accommodate more food and cater to bigger BBQ gatherings with ease.

  Crafted with convenience in mind, the Espetosul Spinning Skewer Extension offers effortless adjustability, ensuring a perfect fit for your specific grilling needs. Whether you're hosting a backyard bash, a family reunion, or a neighborhood cookout, this extension empowers you to expand your grilling capacity and serve up mouthwatering delights to all your guests.

  • Stainless Steel Extension for automatic Spinning Skewer
  • Code: ESUL-ES-Extension
  • Length: 8 1/2"