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      The Espetosul Spinning Skewer Organizer Bag is perfect accessory to ensure your spinning skewers are always organized, protected, and ready for action. Designed with convenience and functionality in mind, this organizer bag is a must-have addition to your grilling arsenal.

       With a capacity to fit up to 5 spinning skewers (sold separately), this organizer bag allows you to keep all your grilling essentials in one place. Say goodbye to cluttered storage spaces and hello to a tidy and efficient grilling setup.

    Crafted from durable materials, including a nylon bag and polyester straps, this organizer bag is built to withstand the demands of outdoor cooking. Its sturdy construction ensures your spinning skewers stay secure during transport, while also protecting them from dirt, dust, and damage.

      Measuring W 28 1/2" x D 13 3/4" x H 4 1/4" inches, this organizer bag provides ample space to accommodate your spinning skewers with ease. Its compact and lightweight design makes it perfect for taking on-the-go, whether you're grilling in your backyard, at a tailgate party, or on a camping trip.

  • Capacity : Fits 5 Spinning Skewers on it (Spinning Skewers are not included, sold separetely)
  • Material : Bag in Nylon and Straps in Polyester
  • Dimensions:  W 28/1/2" x D 13 3/4" x  H 4 1/4" inches
  • Code: ESUL-ES-BAG