Charcoal Parrilla 695

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  Professional BBQ Grill Parrilla 695 Scheer. This equipment can be manufactured according to Customer size to attend small and medium-sized restaurants, by having a traditional rustic style of a Parrilla porteña it is ideal for restaurants that breathe the tradition of Grilling. Client can design its own equipment by having independent grilling modules all together. This Parrilla 695 can have a central Fire lighter making it possible to be runned by wood or charcoal which can be stored on the compartment underneath. Client can also include some optinal features such as the front counter with GN trays gaps, different grills options that goes from Stainless Steel round bars, Fish grills to "V" Shaped Grill with grease collector located on the bottom of the equipment.

    Information Table 

    Cooking Area
    per Grill
    Fire Lighter
    Depth Height Cut Sheet
    26.3/4" 15.3/4" x 31.7/8" 19.11/16" 39.3/8" 70.5/64" Cut Sheet Parrilla 673
    34.5/8" 23.5/8" x 31.7/8" 23.5/8"
    31.1/2" x 31.7/8" 27.9/16"
    50.3/8" 39.3/8" x 31.7/8" 3.1/2"
    51.3/16" x 31.7/8"
    The biggest size of the parrilla and fire lighter together is 110.1/4".


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