Small Portable Charcoal Grill with top Flat Grill

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   This new  Espetosul Small Portable Charcoal Grill can be easily assembled anywhere.
   A Grill that has arrived to make the everyone's life easier. It can be taken to the most diverse environments such as in the countryside, beach, camping or even in you favorite fishing place.
   One of the main benefits of having a portable barbecue like this is the possibility of assembling and disassembling it because its parts are all snap-in and it does not use screws or tools to assemble, thus facilitating its transport.
   In addition, with our Portable Grill you can use 1 single regular skewers (NOT INCLUDED) or 1 of the Spinning Skewers from Espetosul (NOT INCLUDED) and you also have the option to use a Flat grill.
   This Portable Barbecue Grill is easy to clean and, aesthetically speaking, has a top-of-the-line visual appeal. Another important point is the fact that it is super economical and uses only 2 kg/4 Lb. of charcoal to make a great barbecue.


  • Manufactured in Steel with electrostatic painting (Epoxy) Black finish
  • Steel charcoal tray with high-resistance enamel paint
  • Fully Dismountable and Portable
  • Coal consumption of only 2kg. / 4lb.

Included Items

  • 01 Grill ( body parts)
  • 01 Charcoal Tray
  • 01 Top Stainless Steel Flat Grill
  • 01 Support for Top Grill

Overall Measurement

  • Length : 20.0 inches ( 51 cm.)
  • Width : 11.25 inches ( 29 cm.)
  • Height : 11.5 inches ( 32 cm.)