BBQ Residential Cooktop with Lift Grill 850

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    Barbecue Lift Grill Cooktop Scheer  is a built in unit which already has the refractory bricks inside the fire  pit and its installation is  simple which allows it to be  installed inside a wood bench. Design that integrates the kitchen in addition to the possibility to have drawers under the barbecue which can store knives, cutting boards, charcoal, etc.  You can  bake  the most  delicious  cuts  on the  rotating  skewers or   use  the motorized Up and down grilling system integrated  on the barbecue. Use different grills and accessories on this top of line barbecue with lots of possibilities. Finishing with  brushed  Stainless  Steel,  more  durability, resistance  and  also hygiene,  in a sophisticated look.


What Comes with the Cooktop:

  • Cooktop 07 Skewers : Lift Grill Stainless Steel,  4 Medium Skewers, 2 Small Skewers, 1 Large Aluminum Handle
  • Cooktop 11 Skewers : Lift Grill Stainless Steel, 7 Medium Skewers, 3 Small Skewers, 1 Large Aluminum Handle

Optional Accessories:

Cooktop Cover, Cooktop Side Glass, Top Rest Grill, Five prong Skewer, 3" Grill, 6" Grill, etc.

Information Table 

Model Width Depth Height Weight Cut
Cooktop w/ Lift 23"
07 Skewers
23" 28.3/8" 30.7/8" 165 lbs PDF PDF PDF
Cooktop w/ Lift 30.7/8"
11 Skewers
30.7/8" 28.3/8" 30.7/8" 220 lbs PDF PDF PDF


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