Automatic Single Spinning Skewer

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    Battery Operated Single Spinning BBQ Skewer from EspetoSul for Charcoal Barbecue Grill.
     The EspetoSul portable spinning BBQ skewer is the most modern in the line of barbecue items. It is one of the facilities that EspetoSul presents for you at the time of making your barbecue, for being a portable and practical skewer you can use it in various models and sizes of charcoal grills.
      It is battery powered and operates using 4 AA type batteries which have a range of 20 hours with standard batteries or 50 hours with alkaline type batteries or you can also use rechargeable batteries.
     With the EspetoSul spinning BBQ skewer, you are not stuck in a single space when baking your barbecue, because it does not use conventional electric energy becomes portable, giving you the possibility to take it to different environments.
    Make your barbecue anywhere, at home, on the beach, camping or fishing, take with you your EspetoSul portable skewer wherever you want so you'll have more time to make that delicious barbecue in a very simple way.


  • Manufactured in stainless steel 304, which is highly resistant to corrosion
  • Uses 4 AA batteries
  • Batteries lasts approximately 50 hours (alkaline batteries) 20 hours (regular batteries). Rechargeable batteries can also be used
  • Simple and easy adjustment to any charcoal grills
  • Long stainless steel long claw to help hold meat on skewer
  • Code: ESUL-ES-Spinning Skewer