7" Gaucho Knife with Leather Sheath

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    Crafted in the style of the legendary gaucho, skilled horsemen and cowboys native to South America, the Tramontina Churrasco 7 in Stainless Steel Gaucho Style Knife with Leather Sheath blends heritage, culture, and functionality. This one will be your trusted tool for anything from precise slices and large cuts, to dicing and deboning, at your stovetop or around a campfire. Forged from high-carbon stainless steel, the full-tang knife features a fully tapered, 7-in blade highlighted with a satin finish. The knife is red Polywood handle is a throwback to the "Old World" gaucho knife handles, with the added bonus of a comfortable, smooth grip and being dishwasher safe. Also included is a protective leather sheath, itself a nod to the South American gauchos and their tools, thanks to its cowhide accent tip and belt loop. Great gift idea for any family member and friends.


  • Material: Forged from high-carbon stainless steel. 
    Durable, high-quality, all-around utility knife is ideal for a variety of kitchen tasks, such as slicing, deboning, dicing, and much more.
  • Handle Material: Red Polywood
  • Accessories: Leather sheath with cowhide accent tip and belt loop
  • Blade size: Full-tang, fully-tapered, 7-in blade with satin finish
  • Brand: Tramontina
  • Made in Brazil
  • Knife is Dishwasher Safe
  • Code: KNIF-80905/012DS
  • Engrave will be on the right side of the blade using Lobster font.