4 Prong for Spinning Skewers

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    Experience the ultimate convenience and versatility in outdoor grilling with the Espetosul Stainless Steel 4-Prong Extension for Automatic Spinning Skewers. Crafted with precision and innovation, this essential accessory is designed to revolutionize the way you cook, allowing you to roast chicken breasts, vegetables, and small cuts of meat effortlessly on your existing Espetosul Automatic Spinning Skewer.

      The four prongs are strategically positioned to secure your food items firmly in place as they rotate on the four round bars of your Espetosul Automatic Spinning Skewer, guaranteeing even cooking and delicious results every time.

  • Code: ESUL-ES-4Prong
  • Length :  11 5/8"
  • Width:  2 1/8"