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The new Portable BBQ Chair Grill, Churrascadeira, is the perfect solution for you to make your barbecue anywhere, whether at home, at the beach, camping or fishing, providing practicality and a lot of flavor.


  • Designed to bake meats, poultry, fish, vegetables, garlic bread, etc.
  • Compact, it can be stored anywhere without taking up space.
  • Made of lightweight, durable and sturdy materials, designed to provide durability even in coastal regions.
  • For being similar to the beach chair, can be placed in the sand or grass, without any problem.
  • For being foldable and easy to assemble, is ideal for taking anywhere and is ready for use in seconds.
  • Lightweight, Practical, Economical and Versatile
  • Code: BBQC-BBQ Chair

Package Content

1 Barbecue Grill
1 Vegetable Rest Grill
1 Multi purpose Grill
2 Side Plates
1 Front Plate
1 False Bottom
1 Elastic (to close)

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