BBQ Residential Gas RG300

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  Gas Barbecue RG300 Scheer. Manufactured with quality standards and components, the residential gas barbecue has a high quality of outside stainless steel panels, equipped with top infrared burners to roast the rotisserie skewers and manual flat grill. Bottom water tray to keep the grease/fat that drips from the skewers to be easily cleaned afterwards. The water also avoid the creation of any smoke, this barbecue is free of smoke, perfect to be installed inside of houses, apartments and areas that Charcoal are not allowed.


What Comes with the RG300:

  • Gas RG300 05 Skewers : 2 Medium Skewers, 2 Small Skewers, 1 Large Aluminum Handle
  • Gas RG300 07 Skewers : 4 Medium Skewers, 2 Small Skewers, 1 Large Aluminum Handle

Optional Accessories:

 Five prong Skewer, 3" Grill, 6" Grill, Flat Manual Grill, RG300 Cover.

Information Table 

Model Width Depth Height Weight Cut Sheet
RG300  22"
5 Skewers
22" 28 3/8" 30" 146 lbs PDF PDF
RG300 26"
7 Skewers
26" 28 3/8" 30" 164 lbs PDF PDF


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