BBQ Residential Cooktop 550

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    The BBQ Residential Cooktop 550  Scheer is a built in unit which already has the refractory bricks inside the fire pit and   its installation is simple   which allows it to be installed inside a  wood bench.  You  can cook  the   most  delicious  cuts on the rotating skewers or use different accessories such as a removable grill for steaks,   fishes and so on.  Finished   with    brushed  Stainless   Steel,  more durability,  resistance  and  also  hygiene, in a sophisticated look.


What Comes with the Cooktop:

  • Cooktop 07 Skewers : 4 Medium Skewers, 2 Small Skewers, 1 Large Aluminum Handle
  • Cooktop 11 Skewers : 7 Medium Skewers, 3 Small Skewers, 1 Large Aluminum Handle

Optional Accessories:

Cooktop Cover, Cooktop Side Glass, Top Rest Grill, Five prong Skewer, 3" Grill, 6" Grill.

Information Table 

Model Width Depth Height Weight Cut
Cooktop 23"
07 Skewers
23" 28.3/8" 30.7/8" 155 lbs PDF PDF PDF
Cooktop 30.7/8"
11 Skewers
30.7/8" 28.3/8" 30.7/8" 210 lbs PDF PDF PDF


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