Porteña: Your Summer’s Outdoor Grill

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Porteña: Your Summer’s Outdoor Grill

      Hot Summer days are an invitation to enjoy the outdoors hanging out with family and friends. Since barbecue gathering is one of the favorite American plans, we have the perfect match to add even more value to these special moments: the innovative Porteña grill.

     Porteña Scheer is much more than a grill. A true 'Portable Steakhouse', it allows the preparation of all types of cuts in outdoor areas. Versatile, practical and efficient, it provides a complete experience. Let us show you how:


        It is suitable for various meats and cuts, in addition to vegetables and fruits. Designed especially for outdoor areas (balcony, garden, poolside, beach house or countryside), it was inspired by the Argentinian/Uruguayan Parrila style. 






The Grates

     The 'V-shaped' grills are one of its main highlights. The grates drain the fat away into a tray, contributing to a more tender, juicy and healthy meat.




       Portability is also one of the highlights of Porteña: it has the option of a caster base or you can place it on an outdoor countertop. 






   To enhance your experience, you can customize your Porteña with a range of add-in accessories that can be purchased separately.

Here are a few examples:  

  • Special rib skewer, 
  • Vegetable rest grate, 
  • Flat tray, 
  • Charcoal rake,
  • Forks and tongues, 
  • Grill hold, 
  • Sauce tray, 
  • Other grate options (Round, Fish, Flat or Plate).




      Brazier – In the best Parrilla style, Porteña has the option of an insulated brazier, which can be powered by charcoal or wood. They burn separately, avoiding direct smoke onto the cuts, thus not interfering with the flavor. 

    With this setup, the cuts are only roasted over the glowing embers, being free from the incidence of carbon dioxide resulting from the burning of wood or charcoal. 



     Guarantee a unique flavored barbecue and special moments in the Summer days with Porteña. 


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