Gaucho Style Bone & Wood Handle Knife

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   Handcrafted Gaucho Style knife in carbon steel blade with bone & wood handle will be a wonderful addition to your kitchen and/or camping with friends. This Gaucho style knife is handmade in Brazil and it is available in 8" and 10" blade. It can be a great gift idea for Father's Day and Birthdays!


  • Material: Carbon Steel blade
  • Handle Material: bone & wood
  • Accessories: Leather blade Sheath
  • Blade size: 10" and 8"
  • Overall size: 15" for 10" Blade Knife and 13" for 8" Blade
  • Manufactured in Brazil
  • Code: KNIF-FG2010SLP and KNIF-FG2008SLP
  • Engrave is made on the right side of the blade  with  Lobster font.