DUE 605 - BBQ Rotisserie with Lift Grill + Automatic Grill

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     Barbecue Due 605 Rotisserie with Automatic Lift grill + automatic Parrilla Grill. There is many possibilities on the Barbecue Due 605. On the Parrilla side you can grill steaks, fish, vegetables and so on. You can choose the grate from the options in "V" shape (Argentinean style) or round  shape (Uruguayan style). On the other hand,  the rotisserie system that provides succulence for your meat, and you can try different cuts such as lamb, traditional Brazilian Picanha, ribs and thus enrich your BBQ experience. You also have an extra automatic up down grill on the Rotisserie side, being able to mix and use different grills. All this can be done at the same time because both sides work with independent motors!

     Another option, the DUE 605 Rotisserie with Automatic Lift grill  + Automatic Parrilla Grill can be build as an cooktop system which contains a fire box attached to the structure of the machine. This box is filled with refractory bricks that create thermal insulation, which guarantees safe while using the equipment. This is perfect for those who intend to fit the grill to theirs custom furniture, or to attached into any kitchen counter.


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