DUE 605 - BBQ Rotisserie with Lift Grill + Automatic Grill

     Barbecue Due 605 Rotisserie with Automatic Lift grill + automatic Parrilla Grill. There is many possibilities on the Barbecue Due 600. On the Parrilla side you can grill steaks, fish, vegetables and so on by using the "V" grill Argentinean style, round bars grill or “U” Shape Fish grill. Beside, on the Rotisserie system that provides the best succulence for meat roasted in rotisserie skewers such as little chicken hearts, lamb, traditional Brazilian Picanha, ribs and etc. You also have an extra automatic up down grill on the Rotisserie side, being able to mix and use different grills. All this can be done at the same time because both sides work with independent motors!

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