BBQ Rotisserie with Lift Grill RC 850 Corten Effect

    SPECIAL EDITION: Launch at Scheer, the Rotisserie RC 850 with Lift Grill now has a new version to harmonize with its gourmet space. This model of barbecue has coating paint that provides the effect of corten steel in the equipment and a sophisticated look in its space. The stainless steel is polished to harmonize with the equipment's painting and provide a better ambiance with the gourmet kitchen. In addition to the rotating skewers, the RC 850 with corten effect has the modern Lift Grill system, which allows the grill to be moved up and down by pressing a button located in front of the grill.
  Mechanism for fitting special grills located on the left side of the grill. It has automated activation to move the grid up and down. Can be operated simultaneously using optional half grille accessories

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