5" Jumbo Polycarbonate Handle Steak Knife, Pointed Tip - Set of 120

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 Tramontina's  stainless steel  Jumbo Steak knife delivers exceptional sharpness, quality construction, durability and elegance to the table. The stain-free, high carbon steel, serrated blades of the Steak knives effortlessly slice through savory steaks and other cooked meats.


  • Stain-free high-carbon steel
  • Pointed Tip
  • Full tang blade
  • 3 solid rivets
  • Polycarbonate handle
  • Dimension: w 25 cm x d 2.8 cm x h 1.8 cm
  • Qty p/ Box: 120
  • Made in Brazil
  • Code: STKN-80000/147
  • Engrave available contact us by phone by email sales@zafill.com