Parrilla Mendoza 801 Cooktop

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   Parrilla Mendoza 801 Cooktop is designed to serve the most demanding chefs. The Mendoza 801 Cooktop is a built in option, made in 304 stainless steel structure, which guarantees robustness, corrosion resistance and great durability to the equipment. The design brings a balanced mix of classic and contemporary parrilla and allows the grill's choice according to your barbecue style. The available options are: V-grill with grease collector or Round bar grill. The Mendoza line is also characterized by its modern system for lifting grills using steering wheels, side or front. The entire line has support grills on a higher level for resting grills and vegetables.
  Parrilla Mendoza 801 is a BBQ equipment with  anti-reverse front steering wheel, for manual height control of the grill.